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Choosing a reserve study provider is an important commitment for a community. There are many questions 

you likely have at this point. We pride ourselves in providing clear and honest answers to those questions so that you can make the best choice

possible for your community. This is part of what keeps us a step above the rest. 

Listed below are common questions we hear from clients. We have taken the time to create video answers to these questions so that you can more easy

navigate them on this page. Feel free to browse these questions and answers to see how we may help you with your reserve study needs. 

Your questions not listed? Please give us a call 866.574.5115 to talk with a reserve study professional who can help to answer all your questions. 

These common questions are broken down into categories - Click on the ones that are most important to you. 


Before proceeding with ordering a reserve study most Board Members and Property Managers like to have an idea of what is needed of them so that they can set aside the necessary time to gather documents. Having the adequate financial information, governing documents, past history of common area projects, bids and past repair or replacement timelines is extremely helpful to the reserve analyst when it’s time to review these items. 

What is a reserve study? 

What is needed from the Board or Property Manager prior to the site Inspection? 

How long will it take to complete the reserve study? 

Are there hesitant Board members?  

Are reserve study professionals licensed? 

Do our studies meet minimal legal requirements? 

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The cost of the reserve study is determined by the estimated amount of time we will need to put into the assignment to complete a comprehensive study for a community. Common factors that influence the amount of time needed are:

  • Size of the community
  • Number of common area components
  • Deferred maintenance issues
  • Travel expenses
  • Availability of Blueprints

Every community is different and will require some preliminary due diligence by us before providing a free proposal for a community. 

How much does a reserve study cost? 

Are there ways to reduce the costs?

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When completing a reserve study we make sure the process goes smoothly from the onset. We make sure to schedule at a time that is most convenient for you and require very little of your time. Below you can learn about the different steps in completing a reserve study and offer some advice on completed a reserve study before or after a large project. 

What steps are completed in a reserve study? 

How do we determine what component to include in the study? 

What is the Component Analysis? 

What is the Financial Analysis? 

What is a Financial Strategy? 

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Each of our studies is catered to the needs of your community. When we develop financial strategies we make sure to include funding strategies which are realistic, will meet the needs of your community and will provide a responsible funding scenario for the Board. 

How do we develop a funding plan for your community? 

Utilizing the reserve study for Lender approval and financing.

Do we share the reserve study with other parties? 

How often do we recommend completing a reserve study? 

Do we provide annual disclosure forms? 


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Reserve Data Analyst has always strived to provide high quality reports at reasonable prices. We have completed thousands of reserve studies and have excellent ratings with our past clients. By providing a high level of customer service, taking advantage of changing technologies and relying on word of mouth rather than just advertising we are able to keep prices at a level that is competitive while providing a higher quality product. 

Why choose Reserve Data Analysis over other companies? 

Case Studies of Prior Clients

Our studies are comprehensive in nature


Once a reserve study has been completed there is often a tendency to use it once for the next year budgeting and then to not look at it again. To get the most out of the reserve study we suggest utilizing it for other purposes as well. Below are some examples of these: 

Utilizing the reserve study for bid verification

Utilizing the study for lender approval

Review for disclosure requirements ( View Sample RDA Disclosure )

what to do with the study