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Level I 

Our Full Level I Studies are excellent for communities and organizations that have never had a reserve study completed or have had significant changes from past studies.

This is a comprehensive reserve study​ that from beginning to end offers the fullest in customer care, the most detailed component analysis, financial analysis and catered study possible. This level of service includes:

  • ​Comprehensive Visual Component Inspection
  • ​Component Inventory
  • Condition Assessments
  • ​Useful Life Estimates
  • ​Remaining Useful Life Estimates
  • ​Replacement Costs
  • ​Funding Strategies
  • ​A Current Funding Status (adequacy of the reserve account)
  • ​Assessment & Reserve Funding Disclosure Form


Level II

Level II Studies are updates to prior studies and are for Clients who have a prior study they would like us to utilize for component inventory and measurements but would still like a site inspection for condition assessments.

This level of service provides savings to the Client as we are not taking measurements and inventory of the components (taken from a prior study provided to us) but do perform a site inspection to determine current condition levels of components. This level of service includes: 

  • Review Prior Study for Accuracy
  • Comprehensive Visual Component Inspection
  • Component Inventory (from prior)
  • Condition Assessments
  • Useful Life Estimates
  • Remaining Useful Life Estimates
  • Funding Strategies
  • A Current Funding Status (adequacy of the reserve account)
  • Assessment & Reserve Funding Disclosure Form


Level III

Level III Studies are for communities which have had a past Level I or Level II study and are only seeking a financial update with no site inspection.

This is considered a Financial Update and there is no site inspection completed. All component inventory and condition levels are taken from the prior study provided to us and assumed to be accurate. This update study is for communities seeking to comply with state regulatory & disclosure requirements. This level of service includes:

  • Review of the prior study
  • Component Inventory (prior study)
  • Condition Assessment (prior study)
  • Component Inventory (prior study)
  • Useful Life Estimates (prior study)
  • Remaining Useful Life Estimates (prior study)
  • Replacement Costs
  • Funding Strategies
  • A Current Funding Status (adequacy of the reserve account)
  • Assessment & Reserve Funding Disclosure Form


3 Year Packages

​Our Value & Flat Rate Packages are for Organizations and Associations who are seeking our services for an extended period of time (typically 3 years). These packages maximize the cost savings to the Client or provide flat annual rates for budget stability.

​These packages include one Level I or Level II study and two Level III studies. This complies with state regulatory requirements to have a visual site inspection completed every third year and updating the financial aspects of the reserve study annually. These packages also include our Funding & Assessment Disclosure Form for each of the years our studies are completed.

This level of service includes all of the aspects of the Level I, Level II or Level III studies plus our customer service and professionalism for all of your reserve study needs. 

  • Value Package = Cost Savings
  • Flat Rate Package = Stability
  • ​Responsive Customer Service
  • ​Catered Reserve Study Reports
  • ​Consistent Funding Strategies​