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Reserve Data Analyst has provided thorough and well thought out reserve studies & replacement plans for common interest communities such as HOA, condominiums, cooperative  and organizations & businesses such as non-profits, museums, schools, worship facilities, retreat facilities and commercial businesses. 

Reserve Data Analyst was formed due to a significant need for the long term budgeting & planning for large scale building projects which are often extremely costly but infrequent which make funding for them difficult as board members and organization staff change over time. Our reports are specifically created for these budgeting concerns and as word spread our clients base has expanded over the years. We have created and adopted industry concepts and terminology as the industry has evolved so that our Clients receive the most updated and industry leading studies. We strive to stay on top of and create innovative concepts and budgeting plans for our Clients. 


Designated Staff of Reserve Analysts'

Reserve Data Analyst staff of Reserve Analysts are designated through the Community Association Institute or the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts. These are the two largest and most respected organizations in the industry. Only those that meet strict experience, education, ethical and reporting requirements are designated. 

Continued Education on Industry Trends

Our staff completes continuing education on an annual basis to keep up with industry trends. This is an evolving industry and we make sure all our staff is on top of new ideas, materials and building techniques. 

Backgrounds from Various Fields

Reserve Studies and Capital Replacement Studies require a combination of experience from construction to finance. Our staff has a wide breath of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds that provide a collective knowledge at Reserve Data Analyst ensuring our studies are the most accurate and reliable in the industry. 

Experience with Properties Large and Small

No community is too large or small for our services. We look forward to working with you and your long term budgeting needs.  


Full Service Administrative

Jennifer Evans

Jennifer handles all incoming orders, processing, bookkeeping and administrative tasks for the company. She is often the first point of contact for clients and her dedication to providing quality customer service has made her an invaluable asset to the company. 

Ms. Evans is a graduate of Central Washington University where she earned a BA degree in Law & Justice.

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Ms. Evans enjoys spending time with her two young daughters, ages five and seven and looks forward to introducing them to all this area has to offer. In her spare time, Ms. Evans also enjoys cooking, gardening and reading.  

Reserve Analyst

Seth Donohue

Seth is a native to the Pacific Northwest and is a 2009 Engineering graduate from Western Washington University. He has almost a decade of career experience in cost analysis, design review and project management. He is an excellent asset to Reserve Data Analyst and our Clients. Currently Seth is working toward his RS designation with the Community Associations Institute. 

In his spare time Seth enjoys traveling to different areas of the world. 


Professional Reserve Analyst

Joel Tax

Joel has sixteen years of experience in matters related to reserve studies, inspection, consulting, valuation and budgeting. Joel is the Owner of Reserve Data Analyst and covers the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Joel Tax has earned the distinguished Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) designation from the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts as well as the Reserve Specialist (RS) designation from the Community Associations Institute. These designation are given to those reserve study professionals who adhere to the highest standards in the industry for professionalism and ethics. Maintaining this designation requires continuing education and peer review standards that elevate the reserve study profession.

Mr. Tax is a graduate of Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Over his career Joel has kept on top of industry trends with the completion of hundreds of hours of ongoing industry specific education including numerous courses & seminars, completed annually, which are specific to the Pacific Northwest's economy, construction and real estate.