Reserve Data Analyst aims to be a leader in the industry with a high level of customer service and comprehensive reports which are an invaluable resource for our Clients. When used to their fullest reserve studies more than pay for themselves in cost savings, reduced liability and the reduced stress that comes with managing a community's common area expenditures. 



It has always been our moto to help make a difference in the communities and organizations that use our services. The long term budgeting for common areas and facility repair/replacement is extremely important but also stressful and at times an overwhelming responsibility to a Board or Facility Manager trying to keep everything in order. Utilize our services to reduce the stress, increase cost savings and help place your community / organization on a fiscal responsible path. 


We take our work personally which ensures that we do an excellent job on each assignment that comes our way. From the time we receive a new order, to the date of the site inspection and finally delivery of the completed report; we look at each step as an important opportunity for us to provide a level of customer service that ensures we remain a step above the rest. Learn about reserve studies at the links below: 




catered reserve and replacement studies


Comprehensive Inventory ​


During the site inspection we complete a comprehensive inventory and quantification of the components. This includes detailed measurements and retaining component specific serial numbers as well as determination of placed in service dates

Several Long Term Funding Strategies


Numerous funding strategies will be included in the final study. Typically at a minimum these include a recommended, baseline, statutory threshold and current funding strategies. Additionally we will discuss the goals of our Client to make sure we include any other funding strategies that can help them reach them in a manner that is fair to the community.

Timeline of Repair / Replacement​

The final study will provide a 30-50 year timeline of all repair and replacement recommendations. These are broken down by year and category so that a manager of the community or facility will have a detailed timeline to rely on and follow in their annual preparations. 

Breakdown of Components 

The components are broken down by category, timelines of when the costs associated with them will come due and can be customized in various reports for Client specific solutions. For large communities we are able to run numerous reports breaking down the categories by location, time and costs so that they are more manageable. 

Current Reserve Fund Strength

We utilize industry accepted and reputable concepts to determine an accurate and realistic assessment of the reserve fund strength. This is known as Percent Funded and is detailed in our studies as to where the community stands in respects to its adequacy. ​

Detailed Component Costs Analysis

The components in the study are broken down in detail including a condition assessment for each component, measurements & inventory, costs per unit that has been utilized, useful life, remaining useful life, costs data that was utilized (e.g. cost manuals, vendor, historical records) and further detailed in commentary regarding maintenance and inspection suggestions. 


customer discount for update to reserve studies

Our customers consistently request we come back and provide updates on an annual basis so we've created a 3 year customer appreciation discount package to those that would like to take advantage of it.  

Included in each of the years we complete the reserve study is our Assessment & Disclosure Form which complies with Washington State RCW annual disclosure requirements for condominium and home owners associations. 

The first year will be a Level I or Level II (if past study is available) Reserve Study followed by two annual Level III updates which are financial updates to the cost of the components and the financials of the Association as well revisions to remaining useful life expectancies of the components. 

Let Reserve Data Analyst handle your reserve account financial strategy and see how over time, through changes to Boards and changes in community membership the overall reserve funding goals of the community remain intact. 


There are several Organizations that help to shape and develop many of the concepts, definitions and standards that Reserve Study Professionals follow. 

Below are some of them that are related to Reserve Studies. Feel free to explore and learn as they have invaluable information for common interest communities. 


Reserve Data Analyst is a "Full Service" company. We provide our clients with a low key and hands on approach while providing long term financial solutions to everyday issues. 


In addition to Reserve Studies we provide services that our Clients benefit from including: in person Board / HOA meetings, video consultation & report explanations, 90 days revision policy, "what-if" scenarios, HOA dues marketability reports (how do you compare to others), marketability reports for overall community condition assessments and consultation on cost data provided by community vendors. 


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