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    "The museum board of 20 was quite impressed by your thorough work and unanimously approved the decision to have you update the study in three years to see how we are progressing and if any adjustments are necessary at that time." ~ Scott, Facilities & Operations Manager ~
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Your Trusted Reserve Study Company in the Pacific Northwest


Our studies are easy to read and understand while exceeding the Community Associations Institute’s National Reserve Study Standards and are in accordance with the Foundation for Community Association Research's Best Practices. Our Reserve Analysts' are designated as Reserve Specialists and/or Professional Reserve Analysts from CAI & APRA, so our customers know they are getting expert advice from a qualified staff of specialists'.  


Reserve Data Analyst regularly consults with property managers, businesses, accounting professionals, facility managers, community associations and attorneys. We provide a high level of customer service for each assignment and always aim to stay a step ahead of other reserve study companies with innovative ideas and funding scenarios which are catered to each Client's needs and goals. 


The Pacific Northwest offices of Reserve Data Analyst covers the Pacific Northwest; Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska including the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Portland, Boise, Spokane, Boise, and Anchorage. Our expertise in the local construction trends for the Pacific Northwest ensures that the completed study is based on real world scenarios that are specific to the region. Follow the above LOCATIONS link to see our other office locations.

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Common Interest


Our Reserve Analysts have completed thousands of reserve studies for common interest communities including for:




Replacement Plans

Non-profit organizations can utilize our reserve capital replacement plans to save on project costs, raise funds and project management. Commonly prepared for:


Resort Communities

After years of experience working with resort communities our reserve & replacement study professionals are the best in the business. Common resorts include:



Owners of investment properties utilize our studies for their long term financial goals related to their investments. These can include:



Assisting the Reserve Analyst - What information is helpful? 

Providing the reserve analyst with as much information about the building(s) and site will help to ensure the reserve study most accurately reflects on site conditions and aligns with the overall goals of the Client. This can include providing building plans, vendor bids & invoices, condition assessments, surveys, inspection reports, common area components list and mechanical equipment schedules/lists. The more information we have the more accurate the reserve study will be...  Continue Reading Assisting the Reserve Analyst >>>

Reserve Study for Condominium Communities

Condo communities typically have a large number of common area components regardless the physical size of the community; these can be challenging for a Board or Manager to keep track of and adequately budget for. Special attention should be given to "peak" years when large common area expenses like roofing, asphalt, siding and windows are projected to occur...  Continue Reading About Reserve Studies for Condominium Communities >>>

Reserve Studies for HOA Community

Homeowner's Association communities will typically have fewer common area components but these are often larger expenses items such as asphalt, fencing, landscaping, underground sprinklers and detention / retention pond maintenance. These projects can be extremely costly to a community which has not properly reserved for them...  Continue Reading About HOA Common Area Maintenance >>>

Common Interest Communities - Reserve Study Laws - WA State

Since a significant number of WA State Laws were implemented in 2012 there has been a bit of confusion regarding how often reserve studies need to be performed, what must be included in a reserve study and if there are any consequences for not following these laws. A reserve study completed for a common interested community must address common area components that are 1% or more than the budget... Continue Reading About WA State Reserve Study Laws for Common Interest Communities.

How Much Does A Reserve Study Cost?

The most common question we receive is: How much is the study going to cost? The amount we charge is simply determined by the amount of time needed to complete the reserve study. A very large community may take a month or longer to complete while a smaller building may only take a week or two. We provide free proposals, after some preliminary research, so you know exactly how much we will charge... Request A Free Proposal Here >>>

Reserve Study - About Percent Funded

Percent Funded is an important calculation in the reserve study. It is a barometer of the financial health of a reserve account at a particular point in time. This calculation along with other aspects of the reserve study help to provide our Clients with a comprehensive review of their reserve account, the adequacy of it and projections as to when there may be financial instability that arise over time... Learn More About Percent Funded Calculation Here >>>

Reserve Study - The Fully Funded Balance Explained

The Fully Funded Balance is an important calculation in the reserve study. While the math used to generate this calculation is very straight forward the overall concept is sometimes missed by those not familiar with the process or reasoning behind it. This video goes into more depth regarding this calculation... Learn More About The Fully Funded Balance Here >>>


With your choice of reserve study providers we aim to remain a step ahead of the others. Our services are catered to those customers & communities seeking a comprehensive and catered study which provide long term strategic funding strategies that are flexible and in line with our customer's long term goals.

Our studies comply with all statutory requirements and can be utilized for full annual disclosure requirements. There is no need for Boards, Committees, Community Members or Investors to remain in the dark on these matters. It has been our experience that full disclosure and open discussion on matters related to dues, assessments, capital improvement and long term strategic planning in common interest communities is in the best interest of all parties involved and generally leads to communities which are able to respond well to challenging periods over the years. 



Your Washington State reserve study professionals; we have a knowledgeable staff with backgrounds that range from engineering to construction to finance.

Our collaborative knowledge benefits our clients and their specific needs in our catered studies. This ensures our customers receive the most accurate and comprehensive studies to rely on. 

responsive professionals


We have responsive customer care for each assignment that goes through our office.

After we received an assignment we take care in making sure the appointments are set up promptly, dates & times are verified with all parties and updates are provided as the study progresses to completion. When delays occur or unexpected issues raised we take the time to inform all parties involved. 

Reserve Funding Ideas


Reserve Studies and Capital Replacement Plans are an evolving industry that requires flexible approaches to problems with numerous possible answers & outcomes.

We strive to keep up on industry trends, construction materials and building techniques so that our recommendations are truly cutting edge and our Customers receive the best possible advice for their long term funding strategies.    

top rated


Reserve Data Analyst has the experience, drive and dedication to extend our services to your community large or small.

It has been our pleasure to contribute in a positive way to each customer that has requested our services and we look forward to providing our level of customer service to you as well. 


Educate Yourself


Learn all about reserve studies and capital replacement plans. Explore our library of videos, powerpoint, articles and industry related materials. 



About Our Reserve Studies

See why our reserve studies are so useful to our Clients. We provide comprehensive and customizable studies to our Clients. 


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